Young Wild and Three

March 22, 2018

Can you remember how it felt to be Young, Wild, and Three? You were learning how to ride a tricycle. Throw a ball. And wanting to tell anybody who would listen that you were going to be a whole Three Years Old! And you were going to have a great big birthday party! And that all your “bestest” friends would be invited! Well, you’re definitely one of those friends; which, is why we want you to join us for The DoSeum’s Wild, Young, and Three Party. For Young-At-Heart-Grown-Ups only!

We’ll be celebrating all the major milestones that you’ve helped us to accomplish. And we hope you’ll agree to be an honored sponsor-host of the festivities. Your participation will allow The DoSeum to continue to be the joyful, magical place where playing turns into learning, and learning turns our little ones into tomorrow’s leaders. We hope you’ll be able to join us! Like the old saying goes: You can’t be old and wise—if you were never young and wild.

So let the Wheeee! of being Three begin!